For me, poetry has been a tremendous help during darker times. It has also been there when I was walking on clouds.

Recent Poems

Is your life a Wreckage? (2008)

What Passion burns in your soul? (2008)

Be careful of Dangerous Awakenings, a poem inspired by a dream within a dream. (Spring 2003)

Do you believe in love at First Sight? (Spring 2003)

Compassion flows From Me to You. (Spring 2003)

Have you thought what The Kiss would feel like? (Spring 2003)

Nature’s Mourning describes how I felt and how I began to overcome the tragedy of September 11, 2001 by observing both of my wonderful canine companions. (September 12, 2001)

For Years is a poem about finding your someone to love. (1995)

I explore an analogy between the Church (Christianity) and the Forest (Agnosticism) in the appropriately titled, The Church and The Forest. (Spring ‘94)

Sin is on the menu in The Feast, but can you afford the tip? (Spring ‘94)

Creative Writing Course

Here are the poems I wrote for a creative writing course at Memphis State in the Spring of 1993.

A man on death row divulges his motives in The Confessor, perhaps the darkest poem I’ve written.

Chaos and verbal syncopation leads you along a crooked path in The Pain.

Have you ever wondered what would be your epitaph? Here Lies… mine.

A man travels on a Journey Home to lay his mother to rest.

Imagery abounds in The Scepter keeping the truth hidden until the end.

The Vampire describes a scene in nature that I saw on the Discovery channel.

Early Poems

In The Vision, you get a symbolic glimpse of one person’s view on life. (Fall ‘91)

the manboy’s Death was my battle of self-preservation during a time of depression. (Spring ‘90)

A dialogue between Ego and Id occurs in Walls. (Spring ‘87)

My first stint at poetry, The Snowflake, is an interpretation of a lost soul. (Spring ‘87)