From Me to You

From me to you,
Ethereal whispers of lace –
Symbols of our feelings,
Reaching out with great haste.

From me to you,
The memories flow –
Artifacts of our time past,
Invading the now, ‘til we must go.

From me to you,
A tender touch –
Hands of soft supple flesh,
Caressing gently, saying so much.

From me to you,
The transfer of dreams –
Hearts aflutter with anticipation,
Longing for fulfillment as they gleam.

From me to you,
A glance exchanged –
Eyes like beacons of our souls,
Shining upon each other forever changed.

From me to you,
This poem I write –
Words of feeling and compassion,

Hoping you, like I, feel right.

© 2003 David Carroll. All Rights Reserved.