In 2007, I took a few online courses with University of Illinois - Springfield, one of which focused on Science Fiction. My final paper was an original sci-fi story, Through the Star Gate.

Would you like a Cup o'Joe?

Don’t be afraid of My Fear. (May 2005)

Someone told me to take a hike, so I took a Hike to the Falls at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee. (May 2005, unfinished)

Ever wondered what the person that you will fall in love with would be like? Here’s a glimpse of The Love of My Life. (June 2004)

Older Writing

I wrote Order of the Universe for the Helmsman, a student publication at Memphis State University, to quell a verbal battle of agnostics, atheists, and Christians. (Spring ‘90)

A man named Kristov takes a stroll in The Garden, another piece inspired by a dream and the above article. (Spring ‘90)