Character Development

At various periods in my life, I’ve played role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. The following are the two most recent characters that I’ve portrayed:

Quick-witted and quick-footed, Miles Langley was probably my favorite character I’ve played. He’s a bit of a rogue who’s willing to bend the rules to ensure Good triumphs. His history even includes the poetical song of bard that inspires courage in his fellow party members. (Jan 2002) A few nights before his death, he has a late night rendezvous with a friend and has a nice Interlude. (revised in Mar 2008, original Sep 2002)

Let’s look at the pre-history of Barudok Kastokov, defender of justice. I portrayed Baru after Miles was killed, ironically by the creature Rashel warned against. (Nov 2002)