Rush Concert

This past weekend, I ventured up to St. Louis with a high school buddy to catch another Rush concert. Another high school buddy who lives in Nebraska came down with his wife to meet up us for the concert. We hardly get to see the Nebraskan so it was a big treat.

For me, this concert was the sixth Rush concert since 1988. My two buddies and I attended that first concert and we had a great time, but I think we all had a much better time last Saturday night. The guys in the band were having fun too and put on a helluva show.

There were a few distractions at the show: three inconsiderate guys who thought they should stand and block the view of people behind them. Course, they probably didn't intentionally want to tick off the people behind them, a group of bikers. I could say the bikers were rough looking but I think that would be redundant. After security was involved everybody calmed down - almost. This one dude with a ponytail down to his keister just kept standing. The bad thing was that he was right in front of my friend''s wife. About two thirds of the way through, security came and got him after he started flipping people off asking him to sit down.

So, here are the Rush shows I've seen.

  • Hold Your Fire, February 12, 1988 @ Mid-South Coliseum. Memphis, Tennessee (Tommy Shaw)
  • Roll The Bones, May 21, 1992 @ Mid-South Coliseum. Memphis, Tennessee (Mr. Big)
  • Test for Echo, June 5, 1997 @ Starwood Amphitheater. Nashville, Tennessee
  • Vapor Trails, August 14, 2002 @ AmSouth Amphitheatre. Nashville, Tennessee
  • R30/Feedback, May 26, 2004 @ Starwood Amphitheatre. Antioch, Tennessee
  • Snakes & Arrows, June 28, 2008 @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. St. Louis, Missouri

Course that opens up the question why people say "seen a concert" when mostly it's listening. There was the opening video and a few videos throughout the concert itself. And the lasers. And the fireballs. Alright then, I guess it's okay to say "go see a concert."

Originally Posted: Jun 30, 2008