In a world ruled by the church of the One, the fae and arcane perished in the 100 years holy crusade over 1600 years ago. The remaining survivors procreated with humans, hiding their nature through their offspring. The arcane and traits of the fae species flows through their bloodlines. The longevity of the elves traded for survival of their species.

Memories flow through bloodlines. A few hundred years ago with the aid of a great magister, the ancestors’ of the Three created a haven and secretly began an order of unnatural selection to resurrect their heritage.

Make no qualms, the magister is evil. He organized a slave trade that earns him money, while funneling the fae and the arcane bloodlines to the haven. For the past eighteen years, he has been troubled. He knows that one of his bloodline is under the protection of the church. He also knows that she is the key to restoring the former order to the land.

Allyara, of the magister’s blood lineage, has been gifted with great abilities – a blessed sight, an ear for lies, and the gift of healing. Very few in the realm can heal.

Through happenstance, or pre-destiny, a group of heroes form to assist Allyara in discovering more about the kidnappings in the rough side of town. Their search leads them to a fortified keep, to the Black Tower, and to the Forest of Shadows through a web of intrigue and deceit.