The Love of My Life is a caring and gentle woman. She has impeccable character with strong moral values. She is a Christian who truly loves God and will always try to please him. She upholds high family values, offering support to them, especially in times of need. She’s friendly and kind – the type of person that can strike up a conversation with a stranger while standing in line at Wal-Mart. There is always a glimmer of happiness in her eyes, no matter how tired she is or no matter how much pain she bears. She is open and honest, even during conversations that could lead to arguments. She is not afraid to speak her mind, as she is strong-willed. She’s educated, not only in book sense but common sense as well. She knows that wherever she goes, she’s not only representing herself, but also her job and family, and therefore never dresses like a slouch and never acts in a manner un-ladylike. She sees tattoos as trashy and only has pierced ears. She detests smoking – it’s a nasty smelly habit – and doesn’t drink too much, if at all. She has high-self esteem and is mature in her heart and mind. She is sensible about fitness and nutrition, knowing that she needs to stay in good health, for her sake and for the sake of all those people that depend on her. Her family, friends, and co-workers will always be able to count on her; she never goes back on her word. At work, she gives all that she’s got to give, and then some. She is not overly concerned with money, and what she does spend, she gets a lot of value out of it. She enjoys being around children, nurturing them, knowing that one day, she may have one or two of her own to nurture. She wants to make a difference in her corner of the world, and through her determination, she has and will.

The Love of My Life takes my breath away when I look at her; a stampede of butterflies twists in my stomach. Like a corona above the two most beautiful lakes of blue I’ve ever seen, her golden hair shines its radiance and makes the sun jealous. Her perfume never assaults me, it engages in gentle subterfuge and, from within, my walls of protection crumble. Her laughter can make flowers blossom. When we touch, we feel the warmth of each other’s skin and the Love that beats in each other’s heart. When we kiss, the world melts away, leaving just the two of us and the rhythmic, singular beat of our hearts. When we make love, there is no wrong way or right way, just our way. Afterwards, we lay together, listening to our hearts, and pillow talk. And it’s just one of the ways that we show each other how much we love the other. There are countless more ways: back massages to take away the day’s stress, the house cleaned and dinner ready when the other comes home from work, cards and gifts, that special smile, going that extra mile, just to name a few.

The Love of My Life accepts me for who I am and what I am. I’m human. I’m male. I’m a little boy trapped in a grown man’s body. I have my faults, but she accepts them. She loves me unconditionally, as best as anyone but God can. We share emotional bonds that can never be severed. A single glance to the other can communicate volumes. She willingly helps me to mature that little boy; helps me to grow into a real man. She knows that neither of us are perfect (no one is, even though she comes pretty darn close) and accepts constructive criticism. She knows my fears, and I know hers. Together, we will overcome them. She knows I’m afraid of loneliness and, everyday, she continues to reassure me that we will be together. Even on days we don’t talk or see each other, I hear her words, see her actions, and feel her assurance. I feel secure that she loves me no matter what I may do or get myself into, because she is forgiving. She forgives me for the little things and the big things. Whether I fail to listen, or fail to do my chores, or hurt her by being insensitive, she forgives me. She spends time with her friends and lets me spend time with mine. She has her alone time and gives me mine. She trusts me with her whole heart, and I trust her. She understands that we are caretakers of what God has given us, Love, and that we have a responsibility to nourish that Love and see that it grows with each day God gives us. In short, the Love of My Life and I are Best Friends.

The Love of My Life shares some of my interests. She enjoys spending time with family including the family dog. We do lots of things together: watch TV and movies, shop for clothes and groceries, listen to music (especially music that echoes our love), workout, do cardio (like walking, swimming, or aerobics), and learn more about God and ourselves. We both like ice cream, almost to a fault. We enjoy cooking dinner for each other or just going out to our favorite restaurant. We enjoy spending as much time as we can together, knowing that the more time we share, the closer our bonds will become. As an individual, she will have separate interests. I urge her to not neglect them and she does the same for me. When a particular interest isn’t at the top of our own personal priority list, we willingly offer support by sharing in the other’s interest or by letting the other person pursue the interest as we pursue our own.

June 11, 2004

© 2004 David Carroll. All Rights Reserved.