Dreams are oceans blue.
Seas full of manna,
spiritual nourishment swirling in eddies
by the jagged rocks.

To live life to its fullest,
you must take a swim.
Take heed, for the currents are strong
and will force you upon deadly coral.

Fear will grip you.
Drowning is no way to die.
Leaping headlong is the only way,
success requires a struggle.

Standing on the rocks,
you see others swimming.
Some butterflies, while others dog-paddle;
one is even doing the dead-man’s float.

You stand on the rocks;
the waves break.
The rising mist caresses your body;
your soul enticed by the tingling.

Tendons pull, muscles contract;
crouching, ready to dive –
someone from your past calls out your name.
You hesitate, heart fluttering.

Balance lost,
falling headlong into the hoary froth.
Death is imminent.
A final breath to prolong life is denied,
smothered by uncaring waves.

Tears and water mix.
Frantically, instinctively thrashing;
hitting down at the water
with hopes of staying afloat.

You realize death is near
just as a splash enters your ears.
The splash seemed gentle
and with intent.

The sun slowly disappears
as the water closes in.
You grow limp.

Somewhere in your dwindling sensations,
you sense movement;
strong and rhythmic motion.
And you feel flesh, soft and supple.

Cloudiness dissolves away from the sun,
and the cool air brushes your face.
Feeling your arms and legs trail behind,
you realize that you had nothing to do with your

Who could your savior be?
Who would care so much for you to risk death?
The last diver – it must be –
the soft flesh keeping you afloat.

Then, your savior’s voice registers
and a name swells in your throat.
Blood pumps faster in your chest
as you realize she grows tired.
The rhythmic motion slows to nothing.

Water engulfs your senses once more,
but, if you sink, so will she.
No! That will not be!

The courage she had warms your icy heart.
Strength returns to your numb limbs.
You turn around and reach out;
no body is there, alive or dead.

You rise above the waterline to see no one,
not even the other swimmers.
Then you see them standing on the rocks
concerned with the struggle at hand.

With a breath of crisp air in your lungs,
you twist to begin your descent
into the depths once more.

The water stings your eyes,
hinders your sight.
With her arms flailing about,
your savior comes into view.

Terrified as she looks around,
her eyes are soon filled with you.
And the love your share
washes over your soul.

Vitality and courage overwhelms you.
As you embrace each other,
the water embraces all.

Poseidon will not take anyone today however,
for even he is powerless against Love.

Both of you continue the battle for life.
Held tightly in each other’s arms,
you quickly find your way to the surface.

Each of you takes a breath
only to exchange it with the other’s.

You both realize the rough reef
has been transformed into softer sand.
And you make your way to the shore.

Several steps from the gently ebbing tide,
you collapse into each other’s arms,
drained of strength, but filled with Love.

And you quietly watch the sun set over a peaceful ocean of dreams.

© 1991 David Carroll. All rights reserved.