I look around,
I see the wreckage.
Broken pieces scattered about.
Shocked and shaken,
I stand bewildered.

What can I do?
How can I be of help?

A voice calls out,
Amidst pain and suffering.
Familiar to my ear,
Yet different.
I know this voice.

Who belongs to it?
Why does he suffer?

Around again, I look.
Bewilderment fades.
I know what happened -
The cause of this wreckage.
The wrong path taken.

Whose voice did I hear?
Whose pain did I feel?

And then, it was clear.
The voice was once was my own -
But a lifetime ago.
Surrounded by broken dreams,
I stand alone.

When did it go wrong?
How did I lose control?

Anxiety swells my chest;
Fear grips my mind.
My life is devastated.
Sadness burdens my heart,
And the moment stretches on.

How long was I there?
How long did I despair?

Then peace falls on my heart.
A smile crawls over my face.
The damage I saw was great,
But I realize - I live.

I survived the wreckage of my life.

© Copyright 2008, David Carroll. All rights reserved.