I woke from the dream
Weeping as a child,
Moved so deeply by it,
Distressed and distraught over it.

I went to say goodbye to a friend,
One that I had known for several years.
She knew how I felt about her –
I’d told her some time back.

She wasn’t dying or moving away,
But still she was leaving my life.
Now to the store where we met,
It too was leaving, unable turn profit.

I held her hips and she backed to a wall,
“I’d like a kiss,” I said.
Longing for it but knowing what it would mean,
She said, “Yes, but let it freeze on your lips.”

Several quick kisses, she gave,
All targeting my frozen lips, but missing.
Each one struck my heated heart,
And soon, we were both kissing.

She pushed me away, “I mustn’t,”
Said she. “Leave now,
Else we do something we regret.”
With heaviness in my heart, I heeded her words.

In what seemed like years, only moments passed,
Before I went back to the store.
Unable to resist my yearning,
To see her once more.

Then she dreamed, in my dream,
That she was a child, on a train rambling
Swift down the tracks of life.
But she felt strange.

In her dream, she dreamed
And she was a teacher, in cap and gown,
Stooping to correct a little child.
In her belly, a life awaits.

The child in her dream wakes,
And cries, “It’s not supposed to be this way.”
She bolts to the windows, side to side,
Looking for a way to stop or slow the train.

I woke from the dream and wept as a child,
Moved, distressed and distraught by it.
Wondering if the child ever stopped that train,

Wondering if it is supposed to be this way.

2003 © David Carroll. All Rights Reserved.