This poem describes how I felt and how I began to overcome the tragedy of September 11, 2001 by observing both of my wonderful canine companions.

Nature endures because of its delicate equilibrium. Mankind and its love of technology takes us further away from nature, from our true selves.

May God bless America.

September 11, 2001.
This date means nothing to nature, but the animals know something happened.

Terrorist hijacking means nothing to nature, but the animals are saddened.

In the animal kingdom, predators kill prey, but they respect the life of it.
In the human kingdom, monsters kill innocents, and only respect themselves.

Across many nations, as we humans sat in horror,
our pets and companions empathically felt our pain.

They don’t have the faculties to comprehend what has caused our suffering, our disbelief, our anger.
But they do have the ability to ease our pain and comfort us, just as we comfort ourselves.

They look to us and know we hurt inside, but still they play.
Life will go on.
We look to them and learn that life does go on.

© 2001 David Carroll. All rights reserved.

May God bless America and all living creatures on Earth.