For years,
We have searched for someone to love
But found no one,
Only pain and sorrow.

And for years,
We have been alone in this world
And often cried out.
No one heard.

For years,
We needed someone to care,
Someone to love us
But we were met with closed hearts.

And for years,
Our dreams were sowed,
Our lives shaped,
And we waited for harvest time.

For years,
We met others,
But things went wrong
And we were still alone.

But for years,
We grew.
Matured into adults,
And gained wisdom.

For years,
We knew what we would change,
What we would do differently
And we will.

For years,
We never dreamt of meeting,
But we did
And good things happened.

For weeks,
We have known each other.
Each of us talked about the good stuff
And the bad stuff too.

For hours,
We spoke freely
To the stranger across from us,
But we felt comforted.

For weeks,
We will try to learn more about each other.
Waiting to know if this is the one.
Only time will tell.

For years,
We hope to be together.

© 1995 David Carroll. All rights reserved.