The Hawke

Human (Kandaran) Rogue, male


Human (Kandaran) Bravura Warlord, male

I grew up in the wake of an army on the march, surviving on it’s scraps. My father was a Major in the army at the time, until he died during one fateful battle. Having No home and no place to go I continued to follow the Army wherever they went. I slept when possible, often finding myself in inhospitable situations. I jumped from army to army, stealing what I could to get by – that was, until I got caught by the commanding officer.

He offered me two choices, Join, or Die. I found myself at a crossroads, wondering if i should end my poor life, or honor my father and follow in his footsteps. I rose to my feet and saluted the general. Five years later I finished my service and headed out on my own.


Human (Fjalar) Fighter, male


Human (Kandaran) Vengeful Seeker, male


Human (Kandaran) Illusionist, female


Human (Kandaran) Minstrel, male


Human (Kandaran) Paladin, male



Just after the Tears of Joral, Alyara’s birth was foretold by the leader of the Church of the One, Joral himself.

“Under a new moon, a light shall be born with the gift of inner sight. The girl child will embrace the teachings of The One and will not be swayed by false prophets. Her inner sight will guide her where her own sight fails. And The One will give unto her blessed prophecies.” - Joral’s Prophecy

Lord Baltheus

Lord Baltheus remembers the Tears of Joral, though he was not yet born in the world of Goraa. Otherworldly whispers have shared dark and distant secrets with Baltheus. With his adept skill in wielding the arcane powers that The One God would seek to destroy, he has defended the Black Tower for nearly a century. Secretly, he has provided items imbued with magical energies to key players who hates The One nearly as much as he.

The gods whisper to me. I control arcane and time and space. I ally with the Fey and the demihumans. I defend against the heresy. Do not attempt to sway me, nor delay me, for you will die in a thousand cities. The Black Tower will never fall.

Baltheus has the gift of second sight, a gift that his granddaughter, Alyara, inherited. The One’s influence and Baltheus’ own magic prevents her from discovering her lineage.

Previous Heroes


Dwarven Warden, male