{ See – dare }


Approximately 40,000

The humans are predominately Kandarians with some Fjalars and Tepeus with less than 1,000 demihumans, mostly halfings and hill dwarves.

At a Glance

The capital city of Sedare is situated in the center of the Kingdom of Tokrune’s coast. Though still a thriving port, Sedare has suffered since the Tears of Joral. The King was murdered over a decade ago, leaving the King’s advisor, Dilgorin the Devout – a high priest of The One – in control. The palace has become more of a sanctuary with the remaining nobles reluctantly assuming their new supporting and subservient roles in the palace.

During the recent years, Dilgorin’s rule has reduced the amount crime, as he has virtually eliminated the main reason people resorted to thievery – starvation. With The One’s blessing, several places near the city have been cultivated and planted and has produced more food. Also, Dilgorin established higher port taxes, which must be paid not in gold, but in foodstuff. This does not mean that the city once called “City of Thieves” or “City of Beggars” is entirely rid of that social class. There is still a strong thieves guild, lead by Taklas K’rin, a man of the streets but aged now. His cunning is far more deadly than his blade. He took the name of K’rin to boast that he was king of the underworld, as predominately only nobles use surnames.